Thursday, January 8, 2015

Accelerate with ATS : upcoming DS8000 webcasts

I didn't blog that much the last few months, so I think I'll try it a little bit differently at the start of this new year. Usually I tend to gather information and try to elaborate a bit on a subject. So sometimes I put things aside until I have enough information to write something useful about it. Well, maybe I should be a little bit more spontaneous and instead of bookmarking things until I have enough material, just throw it in here. So, here we go. Let me know what you think about it. It won't stop me from treating certain subjects more in depth of course.

I told you (a long time ago already) about the Accelerate with ATS blog and their webcasts. Well, there are two upcoming webcasts about DS8000 that I'd like to mention here.

The first is on January 27, 2015 6pm Brussels time and is about 'DS8000 and zOS Synergy'.
A little extract from the contents
"This session explores all of the latest z/OS and DS8870 Synergy items. Topics will include DB2’s exploitation of zHPF, eliminating DB2 and IMS Backup windows and letting zWLM manage workload’s quality of service on an end to end basis including its I/O. The session also discusses how Easy Tier ensures that the right data is dynamically placed in the right place in the storage tier to optimize price/performance and much more".
Register over here.

The second is on February 26, 2015 also at 6pm Brussels time and is about the 'New DS8000 Storage Management GUI. The contents :
"Join this webinar for an in-depth presentation of configuration and monitoring enhancements introduced by the new DS8000 Storage Management GUI, including and a demonstration of how to use the GUI to easily provision and manage storage".
Register over here.

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