Friday, January 23, 2015

Preview of z/OS 2.2

z/OS 2.2 is due to become available in September 2015. But here’s already a preview announcement :
‘Preview: IBM z/OS Version 2 Release 2 -- Fueling the new digital enterprise (ZP15-0006)’. It’s too much to sum it all up but let me quote you the highlights from the announcement itself :

"This z/OS V2.2 Preview announcement describes many capabilities designed to support:

  • Exceptional service levels with:
    • Simultaneous multithreading on zIIP specialty engines on z13 processors for higher overall throughput
    • Up to 141 configurable processors or up to 128 processors per LPAR on z13 processors when running in SMT mode
    • Improved autonomics for health-based workload routing in a Parallel Sysplex® with new z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) and XCF functions to help improve availability
  • Analytics enablement with information management, storage, and delivery capabilities:
    • Support for up to 4 TB of RAIM memory per LPAR to improve performance of IBM DB2® and other data-intensive processing workloads
    • Fabric I/O Priority, extending Workload Management into the SAN fabric to prioritize your most important workloads and help improve service levels
    • 16 Gb FICON® links to help reduce I/O latency
    • A new IBM zHyperWrite™ capability that helps you achieve better DB2 log write performance when using Metro Mirror (PPRC) in a HyperSwap-managed environment
  • A trusted and resilient system of record:
    • Faster data encryption to handle increased transaction volume with both a new Crypto Express5S cryptographic adapter and improved compressor-based, on-chip cryptography
    • Digitally signed SMF records designed to provide a trusted audit repository
    • Improvements to secure communications, additional support for ciphers, RACF® enhancements, and more
  • Capturing the potential of the mobile enterprise:
    • System SSL's new OCSP support is designed to help reduce risk and improve the security of mobile and other transactions by checking certificate revocation status over the network.
    • Mobile Workload Pricing programs help you reduce software costs during periods of peak mobile transaction workload processing.
    • The z/OS Connect software interface between mobile and backend systems is designed to help you easily integrate your z/OS systems into your mobile computing environment.
The z13 server with z/OS V2.2 enables a new tier of innovation that can catalyze your ability to reach new markets and capture new revenue opportunities".

There is also some news about z/OSMF : “Starting with z/OS V2.2, z/OSMF, previously a separate product, is planned to become a base element of z/OS, delivered with the operating system. This will remove the need to order z/OSMF separately”.

While I'm at it, I think this post on Marna Walle's blog might also be of interest to you : 'z/OS V2.2 FIXCATs are starting to appear'.

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