Monday, January 12, 2015

Reference Architectures for Mobile on System z

I introduced IBM Mobile Workload Pricing for z/OS some time ago and I also wrote a follow-up post on how to use the IBM Mobile Workload Tool, but now there's also a nice set of documents on TechDocs that I like to share with you. They're not about pricing, but they're about the real mobile workloads and how you can set them up. The documents are grouped under the common denominator : 'Reference Architectures for Mobile on System z' and you can find them over here.

The first 'System z Mobile Reference Architecture' provides information on standard architectures and configurations that can be used to create the infrastructure for mobile applications on System z. Some topics are Components of a mobile architecture, Mobile topology choices, MobileFirst Platform in production, MobileFirst Platform in dev/test, Scalability and performance considerations ...

The second 'System z Mobile Connectivity Guide' provides an overview and some detail on the ways mobile applications can connect to System z and System z transactions. Some topics are Summary of z mobile connectivity options including MobileFirst Platform Foundation, Details about Push Notification, IBM API Management, CICS, IMS, DB2, WMB ...

The third 'Mobile Security Guide and Security Reference Architecture' provides information on creating secure mobile application infrastructures on System z. It covers the MobileFirst security products and how those can be used to secure mobile applications on System z. This guide is meant to identify the key security components of a mobile solution, where they all run, and how they interact. It also shows examples of some specific mobile environments and how their security requirements can be met.

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