Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IBM Enterprise COBOL Developer Trial for z/OS

Next to the announcement of Enterprise Cobol V5.2, there was also an announcement last week of a Developer Trial version : ‘IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V5.2 delivers support for the latest IBM z13 processor architecture (ZP15-0007).
I think the conditions speak for themselves if you want to try this version : “IBM Enterprise COBOL Developer Trial for z/OS, V5, an evaluation edition of Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, is no charge and does not initiate a Single Version Charging (SVC) period.” This is nice, of course. Because you really get the “full set of Enterprise COBOL compiler features and functions. This includes the code generation and optimization technology in Version 5”.
The limitations are that it has an expiry date and that you are only permitted to use it in a non production environment.
Enterprise COBOL Developer Trial for z/OS, V5 is available from IBM through ShopzSeries as a standard offering and is available from March 27, 2015. It requires at least z/OS 1.13 or later. It does not require the IBM z13, it runs on previous models too going back as far as the z890.

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