Friday, May 8, 2015

Introduction to the value of IBM XIV - a RealDolmen publication

I already told you about our XIV Roundtable event on Tuesday 2, 2015 but we also took some other initiatives to put IBM XIV into the spotlights.

One of those was composing an introductory brochure to XIV and particularly to the value of XIV for your business.  It was a challenging but rewarding effort, summarizing lots of presentations, studies, white papers and so forth into a 24-page brochure. But I think we came out with a great result. As you can see, we grouped everything around six themes : Elasticity, Security&Continuity, Efficiency, Manageability, Performance and Out-of-the-box Integration. 

But bottom line, you know, is most of the time the impact all this has on the cost for your business and we also payed quite some attention to this.

If you want to download this brochure, you can find it via the registration page of the Roundtable event over here : 'Powerful storage with IBM XIV'.

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