Monday, May 25, 2015

DS8000 Code Recommendation

Last week, in my post about the new DS8870 features there was a reference to the minimum level of the bundle version that has to be on your system. This reminded me of the following page on DS8000 Code Recommendation over here.

The page helps customers in implementing a code update strategy. It lists out the various DS8000 models with their respective minimum, recommended and last code level. This is also how you can quickly see that the required "bundle version" mentioned in the announcement is not yet available for the moment and it will only become available for the DS8870 as code bundles for earlier DS8000 systems stopped already earlier.

Click through on the model e.g. DS8870 (R7.4) and you get all code bundle information available for this model. Page through down to the bottom, there's a wealth of information there !

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