Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New series of z13 videos on Youtube

I picked this up via the IBM-Main list (thanks to John McKnown) : it's a five video series on the new IBM z13 system by Jeff Frey, IBM Fellow and z Systems CTO. They are really worth a look and explain each time in about 4 minutes an aspect of the value of the new IBM z13. I really enjoyed them.

A teaser ?
"Some people have the perception that because the architectural routes of this platform are fifty-years-old that it's an old system. It has some of the most modern technology of any commercial server in the industry"
"You know one of the best-kept secrets I think of the z system is its ability to process large amounts of sustained performance in terms of I/O both storage and network and I think it contributes greatly to the economic value of the platform"

The five videos treat :
  • An IBM z13 introduction and technical overview (link) (This link starts the entire series)
  • The IBM z13-a well-balanced system for I/O and processing (link)
  • Efficient analytics on the IBM z13 (link)
  • Workload efficiency on the IBM z13 (link)
  • Linux, KVM and the Cloud on the IBM z13 (link)
 As I always say, just check them out !

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