Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IBM System Storage VTF Mainframe V3

The announcement of this product dates from a couple of weeks ago and the software was completely new to me, so it suprised me to see it was actually already on Version 3 : 'IBM System Storage VTF Mainframe V3 -- a z/OS software virtualization platform that delivers industry-unique functionality (ZP08-0605)'. Here's the overview of the announcement :
"IBM System Storage VTF Mainframe provides a virtual tape alternative for many System z® users. It is compatible with and integrates within existing IBM and IBM compatible System z tape environments, delivering a high performance yet low cost tape virtualization strategy.

By storing its virtual tapes on standard System z disk, VTF Mainframe (VTFM) adds device independence to batch tape processing and enhances disaster recovery by providing tape data with the same resiliency features as IBM System z disk products.

VTFM provides Parallel Access Tape (PAT) support. PAT enables multiple, simultaneous read accesses to virtual tape volumes. z/OS does not support multiple, simultaneous read accesses to a physical tape volume".
Am I not confusing with CA vTape now ? No. When you take a look at this spreadsheet, it becomes a lot clearer. IBM took over Diligent this year and of course most attention went to the de-duplication technology of that company. But, as you see, they also had this VTF Mainframe (Virtual Tape Facility for Mainframe Systems) in their portfolio. It's now commercialized as IBM IPLA software and it became available on December 5, 2008.

Some more information ? There's a User Guide over here.

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doron said...


My name is Doron Tal and i am working in the VTFM development team. I used to work for Diligent and now i work for IBM.

It was very interesting to read your comments and i was wondering if you mighe be interested in more details about VTFM.

Do you work for IBM? Do you work as a storage specialist?

We would like to get any help we can in promoting VTFM and making it more known to the tape and storage people within IBM and in general.