Monday, December 15, 2008

IBM Systems Magazine - Digital Edition

I mentioned the IBM Systems Magazine before and now I've received a mail that there will be a free digital edition from January, 2009 onwards. When you subscribe, you'll see that American and Canadian readers can also obtain a printed version.

There will be six issues per year and you can view a sample over here. You can subscribe via the same page. I must add the sample is nothing more than that. It gives an idea of the layout, but the articles mentioned on the contents page are not even entirely published. Luckily you can find the complete versions of the articles on the site itself.

And I do hope we'll get a plain and simple .pdf version of it as I must admit I don't like this kind of flash animated, online editions. But there's a print button and there's software like the open source pdfcreator, that can help us out here.

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