Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mainframe Talk

Every four months I'm also writing our RealDolmen System z Newsletter. It was on one of those occasions I realized again we really use some funny language. The person rewiewing my text asked what I meant by 'IPL-ing', pronouncing it as ipling (one word). So I told the person it was actually IPL-ing (eye pee el - ing) the system and it was like 'booting' the system. So the person asked me why I didn't use the term 'booting' so that every one would understand what I was talking about. Sounds logical, no ? I was shocked (ok, exaggerating a bit), you don't boot a mainframe, you IPL it.
I was reminded of this when I read a post by Reg Harbeck on the CA mainframe blog : 'How to talk like a mainframer'. Here's one example I really like : "Then there's DASD, pronounced "dazz dee" by mainframers, "disk" by non-mainframers". Just take a look, you'll like it. And is it really true the DFH of CICS (see eye see ess or kicks) stands for 'Don't Forget Hursley' ?
And talking about mainframe jargon, here's another page you should take a look at allthough I think most people already know it : 'You know you're a mainframer if ...'.
Have fun !

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