Friday, December 12, 2008

Some movies - Part 1

Last year I gave you some funny Youtube movies at the closing of the year. They're still there if you want to have a look. My favourite is still the 'Helpdesk support in the Middle Ages'. By the way, there's also a Star Wars Helpdesk movie, but to me it's not as good.
Well, I thought I might take a different angle this year and give you one movie every Friday from now on. So, if you cannot access Youtube at work, you can take a look during the weekend. They don't necessarily have to be funny. I just came across them this year, but for some or other reason I just didn't come to posting them.
I'm starting off with a two year old one on disk innovation. You just have to love the enthusiasm of the speaker. Sometimes it's almost like poetry :
"So turn it up and play it loud
Meet the ground-breakers
The movers and shakers
The action takers
The innovators
Dedicated to bringing you another 50 years of
Mind-blowing innovation that matters . . . from IBM"

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