Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DS8700 : z/OS Distributed Data Backup Redpaper

A couple of months ago I wrote about z/OS Distributed Data Backup (DDB). As an addition to that, there's now a redpaper on the subject : 'IBM System Storage DS8000: z/OS Distributed Data Backup'.

It describes z/OS DDB and FDRSOS (which, by the way, stands for 'Saveguard Open Storage) and how FB logical volumes can be accessed from within z/OS :
"When the zDDB LIC feature key is installed and enabled and a volume group type specifies either FICON or ESCON interfaces, this volume group has implicit access to all FB logical volumes that are configured in addition to all CKD volumes specified in the volume group. Then, using the appropriate software, a z/OS host can perform backup and restore functions for FB logical volumes configured on a storage facility image for open systems hosts".
It also explains how you have to configure such FBA volumes in HCD and further steps to execute in order to use z/OS DDB and FDRSOS. The authors also give some own experiences on using this solution.

If you need more information, you can find a Share (Boston) presentation on FDRSOS over here.

One last remark : it's no coincidence that the title of this post still indicates DS8700. For the moment DS8800 is not yet supporting z/OS Distributed Data Backup.

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