Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mainframe Executive November/December issue

It's been roughly four months since the announcement of the zEnterprise and Mainframe Executive (Nov/Dec issue) is putting it into perspective with some articles which are worth your attention. First of all there's 'Behind the Scenes: The Making of IBM’s New Mainframe/Blade Hybrid' where IBM Fellow Jeff Frey gives us a an insight of how the idea for zEnterprise came to life and how people within and outside of IBM needed to be convinced about it.

Next there's 'zEnterprise’s zManager-Tivoli Combination Presents a Fresh Approach to Resource Optimization' elaborating on the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager and how it relates to the already existing IBM Systems Director.

Another article 'IBM’s zEnterprise Delivers Game-Changing Pricing' focuses not only on software pricing (AWLC, remember) but also on hardware pricing. Mind you, the prices are US prices and may vary in other countries. But I think the overall message remains the same.

You see, reasons enough to have a look at this issue of Mainframe Executive. By the way, you can download to .pdf version over here.

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