Friday, November 19, 2010

More presentations and webcasts on software and software pricing

Interested in software presentations from the last two years about Tivoli, Omegamon, DB2, Websphere, IMS . . . ? Here's a link for you : IBM software for System z - Teleconferences and Webcasts. Normally you will have to register first, but it's really worh your while as most presentations also come with the audio recording.

Still, not enough ? Well @craigmullins (yes, twitter again) pointed me to these two vWLC presentations about AutoSoftCapping (wmv, pdf) and SoftCapping to reduce your monthly software bill (wmv, pdf). Well actually they both start with some explanation on vWLC pricing and then continue with an explanation of AutoSoftCapping. This is a commercial product by a company called softwareonz. I have absolutely no relation to this company whatsoever but still, some of you might be interested in the product. More info and a FAQ can be found over here.

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