Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recent z/VSE presentations

If you're interested in z/VSE and you want to stay tuned about new presentations, announcements or other interesting items, you might want to follow z/VSE on Twitter. That's how I came across these presentations. As it's very hard to follow everything you're interested in, you might as well carefully choose some sources that will give you this information. That's what I do with Tweetdeck and FeedDemon, two desktop applications. The first one gathers all the tweets (or a selection of tweets) I'm following, the other one collects all feeds of blogs I'm following. No more looking around at several places, it's all there without even having to start up your browser. But of course you all know that by know, or else, you should.

But back to our Topic. In October there was a Technical University in Boston and all z/VSE presentations are gathered at the Technical Conference page of the z/VSE documentation pages.

Some of the presentations :

z/VSE Trends and Directions - incl. Software Pricing and zEnterprise System (1.8MB) - Klaus Goebel, IBM
z/VSE Performance Update (1.2MB)
Ingo Franzki, IBM
z/VSE Tools Overview and Update (3.6MB)
Ingo Franzki, IBM
10 Years for the most successful partnership: z/VSE and Linux on System z (8.7MB) - Wilhelm Mild, IBM
Linux on System z - the Enterprise hub (6.3MB)
Wilhelm Mild, IBM
z/VSE Applications accessing DB2 on Linux on System z (4.8MB)
Wilhelm Mild, IBM
Disaster Scenarios and Backup procedures for z/VSE, z/VM and Linux on System z (3.7MB) - Wilhelm Mild, IBM
WebSphere MQ for z/VSE (2.8MB)
Wilhelm Mild, IBM
Workshop: Rational Developer for System z for z/VSE Development (1.6MB)
Ingo Franzki,IBM and Wilhelm Mild, IBM

And if you page down a bit, there's also some presentations from an earlier Technical University at Berlin in May 2010.

As I always say : do check them out !

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