Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some z/OS 1.12 documentation

As people are starting to migrate to z/OS 1.12 or are just curious about the new functionalities, I thought I might gather some references here to z/OS 1.12 material. Here we go (in no particular order).
  • z/OS Statements of Direction
    Always interesting to check whether there are some Statements of Direction that might have an impact on your shop in the future.
  • z/OS and z/OSMF articles
    Check out the latest z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter for various articles on z/OS, z/OS migration and z/OSMF. There's more on z/OSMF in this IBM Systems Magazine article by Gita Grube Berg and Anuja Deedwaniya, also highlighting the new functionalities in V1R12.
  • IBM Platform Test
    I just want to mention this site again as it's publishing a test report of every z/OS migration simulating a real-life sysplex environment. It's written from the perspective of the system engineer. They "describe the cross-product and integrated testing that we do" and "share our experiences. In short, if any of our experiences turn out to be painful,
    we tell you how to avoid that pain". The latest publication is still on z/OS 1.11 but I expect to see a publication on a z/OS 1.12 migration by december.
Well, that's it for the moment. I'm not going to post next week as I'm on vacation.

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