Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Announcement : IBM DB2 10 for z/OS improves efficiency and resiliency

Well, that's what all the publicity for the webcast was about during the last weeks. DB2 10 has been announced today : 'IBM DB2 10 for z/OS improves efficiency and resiliency (ZP10-0486)'. I'm not going into too much detail because you know what to do : just attend the webcast this evening at 5 p.m. Brussels Time to get all the details you want and to ask any questions you'd like to.

The announcement is built around four key areas :

Improved operational efficiency for "out-of-the-box" DB2 CPU savings
Just by REBINDing you should obtain out-of-the-box CPU savings ranging from 5% to 10% for traditional workloads up to 20% for some specific workloads.

Unsurpassed resiliency for business-critical information
"Uniquely integrated technology allows DB2 for z/OS and System z to support your efforts of keeping your business running even when things go wrong or you need to make changes. DB2 10 innovations raise the bar on data resiliency through scalability improvements and fewer outages. This release delivers the ability to support up to five to ten times more concurrent active users in a single DB2 subsystem than in DB2 9 (...)"

Rapid application and warehouse deployment for business growth
"Business intelligence (BI) and analytics are more mission-critical than ever as demand for real-time data analysis on operational data increases. DB2 10 delivers significant capabilities to support this need, with better performance and CPU reductions, allowing you to manage and maintain your data in a single platform infrastructure with single audit and security processes, most importantly, which will allow users to obtain a consistent answer based on your core operational data maintained in a centralized location."

Enhanced business analytics and data visualization solutions with QMF
"Query Management Facility™ (QMF) Version 10 allows you to do more with your existing QMF investment than ever before. New analytic and mathematical functions and OLAP support dramatically enhance QMF's ability to deliver new function to business users -- an important option for BI and analytics usage. Providing access to many more data sources via JDBC opens QMF to a wider array of information that can be combined with QMF's known and trusted support for DB2 within the same report."

Prerequisites : you have to be on z/OS v1.10 and it runs on all z/Architecture.

General availability is October 22, 2010.

Some additional comments :

Migration from db2 V8 is also possible, but you might want to read the comments from Willie Favero about this on his blog.

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Do attend the webcast in a couple of hours !

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