Friday, October 8, 2010

IMS 12 (QPP) Quality Partnership Program

Here's the first news on IMS 12 with this announcement : 'IBM IMS 12 Transaction and Database Servers (QPP) deliver extremely high performance and availability at very low cost per transaction (ZP10-0404)'. QPP stands for Quality Partnership Program. It indicates that IMS 12 will be shipped to a selection of customers : "December 10, 2010, is the IMS 12 (5635-A03) Quality Partnership Program (QPP) start date. IBM plans to ship IMS 12 to customers already selected as participants in the Quality Partnership Program (QPP) process". So I gather it will still take some months afterwards before we reach General Availability.

Still, the announcements gives us already a lot of news on this new version. Here are the highlights :

"IMS™ 12 Database Manager enhancements

  • Broadened Java and XML support and tools can ease IMS development and access to IMS data.
  • IMS Fast Path Buffer Manager enhancements utilize 64-bit storage to improve availability and overall system performance.
  • Full Function Dynamic Buffer Pool support, centralized repository support, and enhanced commands simplify operations and improve availability.
  • Extended Address Volume (EAV) support, Database Recovery Control (DBRC), Fast Path and Full Function DB enhancements relieve some capacity constraints.

IMS 12 Transaction Manager enhancements

  • IMS Connect (the TCP/IP gateway to IMS transactions, operations, and data) enhancements offer improved IMS flexibility, availability, resilience, and security.
  • Multiple Systems Coupling (MSC) TCP/IP link enhances bandwidth, improving performance.
  • Broadened Java and XML tooling eases IMS application development and connectivity, and enhances IMS web services to assist developers with business transformation.
  • Enhanced commands, Shared Queues Cross-Coupling Facility (XCF), and centralized repository support simplify operations and improve availability."
I'll keep you informed on any further news about this version.

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