Monday, October 25, 2010

IMS New News events

I came across this wonderful summary by Barbara Klein (IBM IMS Product Manager) on the IMS-L Digest List. So all the credits for this post go to Barbara Klein for gathering this information and letting me 'repost' this :

The IMS Operational Best Practices teleconference playback is available at

There is also an upcoming "A Preview of IMS 12" teleconference on November 15 ready for registration at

There is an article on "Enhancing IMS" in the October IBM Systems Magazine Mainframe Extra at

And watch for the upcoming IMS article in the November IMS Systems Magazine Mainframe Extra, when posted, at

Here are upcoming IMS user group meetings found through or websites specified below:

- October 28 Dutch GSE at
- November 2 IMS Users Group Boston
- November 2-3 UK GSE Northamptonshire at
- November 4 IMS Users Group Hartford
- November 9 IMS Users Group Victoria, British Columbia
- November 11 IMS Users Group Seattle
- November 15 SpDug Spain at
- November 17 IMS User Group Phoenix
- November 18, Belgian GSE at

And these big events for IMS:
- Oct 24-29 IBM Information On Demand 2010 in Las Vegas at
- Nov 8-10 IMS Symposium 2010 Darmstadt, Germany at

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