Monday, October 11, 2010

Sampling Techdocs : May 2010 - September 2010

Here we are with some new documents from TechDocs I recently came across or found while browsing through the latest publications.
  • Presentation : A System Programmer Productivity Tool Bag
    Once in a while I just have to mention this one. These presentations from Bette Brody, which are updated regularly are "designed to point to and describe various information to assist in planning, aid in finding pertinent information, tools which are available to make a systems programmer job a bit easier". You will see that the most recent one is from Boston.

  • Presentation : IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 for z/OS , V1.1 Beta Experiences
    This is another Share presentation which gives you some insight on how the Smart Analytics optimizer works and it gives lots of information on the implementation "with query workloads constructed to explore query offload, data mart definition, data mart loading, and offloaded query performance" . If you're interested in the ISAOpt, do take a look at this presentation.

  • Technical document : z/OS Positioning Software for the zEnterprise (z196) Server
    This is another 'evergreen' also by Bette Brody which has now been reworked for the zEnterprise. It gives you lots of information on supported Operating Systems, migration considerations, PSP Buckets . . . It also indicates what's supported by which z/OS release plus a lot of other information.
  • Presentation: Accelerate with ATS: Easy Tier Webinar
    This is a presentation (with audio) explaining how Easy Tier works, what benefits you can get from it, how the automatic mode works, how you can use the Storage Tier Advisor Tool and it also very briefly discusses the Manual Mode.
  • FAQ DS8000 : What is the difference between the SW and LW laser transceivers ?
    If you ever wanted to know exactly what's the difference between the two, then just read this FAQ. I warn you, it goes into such detail, I lost track at the third page (first page is the title, second page is the contents). And if you get through the entire document, I've got a suspicion you already knew all this stuff before you started reading.
Well that's it for now. As I always say : just check them out !

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